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not again...! ! !

I know what your all saying , but I really need some advice....please..???
DO I get a K&N panel filter and connect
a hose from the hole next to the front
fog-lights and feed it into the standard
airbox.....or do I do the same for an induction filter....???????
  BMW 320d Sport

Get a K&N (or any other performance brand, it makes no difference at all) filter element for your airbox.

Use the original airbox and ducting if you still have it. It feeds down to the bottom passenger side of the engine bay just in front of the wheelarch.

On the other side of this panel (in front of the wheel) the pipe goes through and just stops there. If you want more cold air, you can extend this pipe round to the hole next to the foglight - but dont expect a lot of air. It should be colder though, Just no ram effect.

If you have an induction kit (ie an open cone) you can run air up from the same place but it will have so many bends in the system that you wont get an awful lot of air pressure through it. You can put bits of pipe in wherever you can find space, but IMHO youre fighting a losing battle here.

Hope this helps/