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Not Another Photoshop Request...

  Iceberg Ph1
.. Yeah ok.. I guess it is, but I would be highly appreciative if someone with more knowledge then myself could do me this small favour, not used PS myself since I was back in college, some years ago now, way before it was called Photoshop CS* haha.

I'm looking at getting my plenum and fuel rail guard painted in the next week but dead stuck on ideas for the colour..

Been told a few different options, but its hard to imagine without seeing it first..

Well, if possible by a very lovely CS member :rolleyes: could I have a few pics of different colours..

Looking at - Red, Blue, Silver and Black.. or any other colour which perhaps you may think would be worth a shot, wanting to keep the RenaultSport and 3 stripes silver (if you can do this, if not no biggy)

I know I am cheeky, but I thanks you in advance :star:

Much <3 :eek:

here you go.


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  Iceberg Ph1
Thanks fella, I need to get myself Photoshop and start learning once again!

Still thinking red maybe the winner!
  Iceberg Ph1
Red was always my first option anyways, I had planned to do this along with the callipers, but when I sprayed up the engine cover I was a bit unsure, but that has totally turned me back around into thinking red once again..

Thanks mate, appreciate your help :approve: