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Number plate slogans

Just about to treat my car to some new number plates, but the only thing I need now is a witty slogan for them! Any ideas peeps? :cool:

Thanks! -Jill

"proud 2B A girlracer"

"This b**ch kicks ass.." (no offence intended!)

Personally id just have "Clio 16valver"

if i think of any decent ones ill let u know!


"My other cars a Porsche, but today Im in a hurry"

Is my fave... Saw it on another forum.

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

I had a good one for my Dads Skoda Octavia RS - I had plates made with the slogan "I USED TO TELL SKODA JOKES"

Surprising how many people actually comment on it!! On my 5 i had "215 bhp Pocket Rocket"

"Honk if anything falls off"

"So many little time"

"If that phone was up your a**e, maybe you could drive better!"

"Cover me...Im changing lanes"

"If you can read this...Ive lost my trailer"
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Hello Jill. Ur kinda like me... Clio, and a modded other car... In my case its a Fiesta though lol.

Welcome to the club