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Nutter following clio

  MK3 Clio DCI 86

WARNING: Naughty language :eek:

That clio belong to anyone off here ? flol :p
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  monaco blue 172 ..
What a dick. Some people actually car about their shockers and stick to the speed limit in built up areas


ClioSport Club Member
Why the hell did he even video that tbh, looks like its driving a hilux or something.


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane R.S. CUP IV
He's just a gobby trucker who records everything and likes to "commentate". I bet he aint released the video of the crap stuff he does of the moment his mouth gets him into bother!

​Some of them are funny though. Oh Nurrr Oh nurrrr, OH YES!
He's crap at cursing I know that, couldn't even think of what to say at diy. "Dirty idiotic urrrrr what can I say that begins with y, young split ass" no mate that would be diysa, pratt.
  Inferno 182 & Saxo
seen this utter plank before, he'll think hes hilarious until someone gets out and chins him
  BG 182 FF
Woman takes care over speed bumps, bloke thinks she can't drive?

Does he pelt it at speed bumps in his Scooby screaming I WISH I WAS RICHARD BURNS, attempting to get some air?