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O/S Handbrake Cable Length?

  2003 Clio 172 Cup
Does anyone know the exact length that the inner part of the handbrake cable should be for the driver’s side of a 172 Cup?

I purchased a brand new cable from Renault and took it to a Clio specialist to be fitted. However, the garage informed me that the inner part of the cable appeared to be about an inch too short and wouldn’t physically reach. So I took the handbrake cable back and the chap at the parts department said that because the part number was correct for my car that he was unable to give me a refund. He phoned Renault direct to confirm this part number and to ask if there were any reported problems with this part – which there weren’t.

He also mentioned that because “technology was constantly moving on” that Renault would have been able to fit the part despite the garage that I went to saying that the cable was in fact about an inch too short.

So if I can prove that it is too short and that I have been sold the wrong part then maybe I can get a refund? Or perhaps new cables a routed differently now?