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O2 Reconditioned iphone 3G 8GB

Hold out, I got a reconditioned 16GB 3G for nothing from them in August on the basic £35 tariff, so unless they have substantially changed their reconditioned pricing, it should be free at some point. 8GB would fill up very quickly imo.

Broke after two days, took it to the Apple Store and they gave me a new one, bonus.
Unless you really want to fill it with music go with the 8 mate..

IIRC you wanted to talk watches too?


  A thirsty 172
Get a 3GS instead. Not massively better than the 3G on paper but they're leagues ahead when it comes to actually using them. They have a few improved features (and some new ones) but they are noticeably faster than the 3G.
Don't bother with the 3GS over the 3G mate, waste of money UNLESS you're going to be browsing the net a lot and due to the nature of what you do i don't really think you will be...