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O2 Sensor for Ph2 172 Cup + finding parts.


ClioSport Club Member
Hi Guys,

I need to get an O2 sensor for my PH2 172 Cup. How do I know which part is correct.

Also, in general, how do you find parts for Renaults? With my Mercedes, I have the WIS software from eBay and that has the MB Electronic Parts Catalogue.. is there similar for Renault?

  monaco 172
Either Renault parts direct or eurocarparts.

Euros will be cheaper for an O2 sensor though, I believe Bosch is the one you want. Front and rear are basically the same other than length of wire slightly different

No idea on the parts catalogue though, most parts are discontinued these days anyway lol


ClioSport Club Member
Thanks Hipwell..

I'm getting better prices on Autodoc right now.

These all look pretty much the same except for the universal fitment. What would you go for?



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
I have two that were purchased for a car that had a lambda fault. The fault was the wiring up near the manifold and not the sensors. These have literally been fitted by the owner of the car for fault finding and then removed as it already had two new sensors. Will be putting up for sale if interested? @conor1n