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Octane boosters for a 172

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Does anyone have any comments on octane booster additives

because I believe the 172 is happiest with 98 octane but all I can get here regularly is 93 octane.

I know the WRX STi drivers use additives for their cars
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Viceroy - where do you live then? The only place I know that will sell you 93 octane is America. However 93 is a MON rating, not RON like in England.

viceroy and myself live in South Africa. In high altitude areas, the only unleaded fuel available is 93 octane. In coastal areas, its 95 and I think 98, but that might be leaded.
There are a few garages that sell 102 racing fuel, including the pump at Kayalami Racetrack, but I think thats leaded as well.


incrasing octane will lessen chance of detonation.

advancing ignition timing will increae performance, but will INCREASE chance of detonation.

so if you want to make car quicker you adv. the ign timing and use proper fuel.

im sure scoobs etc. have a way of knowing what kinda fuel theyre using and r****d their timing themselves (coz nobs keep putting 95ron in them!)