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Odd thing at the garage today (strut tops)

  RenaultSport clio 172 CUP
Just rocked up to the garage for a fresh set of rubber this morning, later on in the day they give me a call to say the strut tops are on their last legs (front). Now, that's odd as I changed them less than a year ago in order to pass the MOT... So I tell them that, and they advised that I pop back in for a quick look.

Sure enough, there's some play in the spring, and the wheel has a tiny amount of movement. We both suppose that the current fittings may have perished in a year if it's not a good quality one (don't know what make it is but, it's not genuine)

They fit a new pair of Andy Page specials and call me back only to say that it's still got the same movement. They then suggest that perhaps only a set of genuines would cure the problem?

Does this ring true with anyone, or could it be something else? Something is loose for sure - I sometimes get a short sharp 'rebounding' clang on the odd corner.

Any help greatly appreciated.
  RenaultSport clio 172 CUP
Right, a mate has just mentioned that there will be a bit play in the strut when the car is jacked up - I think that mechanic should stick to gluing tyres on... Still not sure what the 'rebounding' sound is tho.
  RenaultSport clio 172 CUP
Yeah, wheels off the floor - I've been assured now by a number of people that it's quite normal. So long as there's no up and down movement (which there wasn't cos I checked) The Garage have only charged me for the tyres anyway so It's no big deal