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Official Cliosport FCS 2008 Attenders List


ClioSport Club Member
Great day, wind was immense, scared the fook out of me around turn one a few times as it pushed me sideways.

Good to see everyone I saw :D
  Clio MK 4
Aye was good day. I had to leave at 2pm as the people that came with me were bored and i wanted to stay but they were doing my head in lol. Lesson learnt, don't take people!

The wind was annoying lol
  Tornado Red Mk4 R32
Aye was good day. I had to leave at 2pm as the people that came with me were bored and i wanted to stay but they were doing my head in lol. Lesson learnt, don't take people!

The wind was annoying lol
some mates u got there mate ffs!!

  ITB BG 182
Aye was good day. I had to leave at 2pm as the people that came with me were bored and i wanted to stay but they were doing my head in lol. Lesson learnt, don't take people!

The wind was annoying lol
Thats why you need to get to know people lik me who play practical jokes and run off with peoples keys that you not be able to find for at least an hour or 2 more...

Brill day either way. just a shame i had to leave my car at home.....:(
  PH2 172
Was a brilliant day didnt really know anyone there and couldnt see anyone i had met previously so had a look around cars looked top notch didnt see the packs ot new sign as didnt know they was in the tent. The wind was immense especially by the grandstand almost got took away lol. But was a great day out left at 3 as it was going to take me 3 hours to get home and missus was tired shame i dint get to meet any one hope to see you all again and get to know some of you.
  172 cup
Ive finally woke up from my 15 hour sleep :dapprove:

Was a good day but not what I thought it would be tbh. I thought there might be more stuff going on and thought CS might have done something sepcifically with there being so many people there from cs????

Also p**sed off cos I paid for a VIP ticket but got sent a normal ticket so didnt get to use the VIP priveleges so was well annoyed. Left at 2pm - wind was mental too
  172 cup
Ai that was pretty cool - we left you and went to Maccy D's though, had been up all night and was starvinnnnnnn

LOL the mcdonalds on the a14??...... personally i think we all should of stopped there!!! better than the rat burgers at fcs!!
Not sure where it was I was just following you most of the time but yeh thats what we thought to...I was gunna come over @ LFE services and say hi btw but wasnt sure which one you were
  172 cup
Did anyone else get one of the Adrian Flux bags? How random was one of the contents, just looked now:dead:
  RS 172
It was a great day, the wind was mad especially as you walked round the entrance to the vip suite almost got blown over a few times! Got some good pics and saw some mad cars both good and bad! I thought Rockingham was a great venue too!
Something my friend i noticed whilst walking round the cs stand was that almost ever rs was different in some way be it the wheels, colour or whatever it was great to see so many of cars of the same model but all of them individual in some way!
  ITB BG 182
i paid a fiver for one of them burgers because i was so flaming hungry, i didnt know it was meant to be beef though, could have sworn it said rat burgers like from wesley snipes demolition cop film.

Wind was abit hairy tho, i should have took my power kite then gave the tt clio a drag race, literally.
  Mk1 Maxim Sport
^ lol that wind did take the piss but spoke to one of me mates up here an e said it was pissin it down so cant complain eh?!.

I thought it was a pretty good day tbh. Not what i expected but was good enough. I expected more abit more. More action, announcments etc etc. I was sat in the vip area wonderin what time the drift display was starting an turned round to realise it was happening lol. Couldv bin some sort of announcment letting people know.

Also thought there could have been a few more in the traders area. The ones that were there didnt have much stock on show and were a bit of a let down tbh.

VIP room was a bit of a let down too, was expecting more from that tbh. I thought there was going to be a car on show to have a peek at and the advert also stated "nude" girls which i must have missed although the flux birds had hardly anything on. imo the only good thing about the vip room was it was nice an comfy an out of the wind!! even the flux lads were bein tight about giving away their black bags. asked a few times an they said no. went back as they were packing up an they gave me 1!

Spent the £5 summat on me cheeseburger an took a few bites before it went in the bin.

bit bored of moaning now but o well. will try again next year an if its still not up to me expectations then ill save me cash.

Moaning over, good night lol
seemed quiter than last year, and good point about the announcements.....didnt hear one this year.....last year im sure they were announcing when/who was on track and other things that were happening?

wonder if it was quiter because of some other shows on?
  Mk1 Maxim Sport
yeh sin a fair few VW's comin up the M6 on the way back. some smart golfs bombin past me.

Cheesed me off with the announcments cause i didnt even get that leaflet on the way in with times etc of what was on so didnt have a clue. Asked some bird who worked there an she said she didnt have a clue cause they didnt organise it. Sin u on the track foxy car looked mint on the floor.
  ITB BG 182
Last year had loads more displays on, like the rocket man, monster trucks, drift teams, stunt bikes, then things to do with a big ramp, skydive display team, some tv radio thing aswell.
An there was loads of totty walking around in next to nothing ViP last year was brilliant didnt go this year in vIp.
Tannoy man last year was more active, announcing when people were on track or due on the track and all other bits of info.

This year was alot quieter, maybe next year hey?
Still i enjoyed it. so im not complaining before anyone starts.
  Mk1 Maxim Sport
yeh thats the type of thing i expected! watched loads of videos on youtube of the rocket man, monster trucks, bikes etc so was expecting to see them all. Seen a guy turn up on a Ninja outside the yozza stand an thought he was gona be on but didnt. Ahh well, as u say next year we will have to see.