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oh no......

  172 M69 eater

i was just nearly sick... so much wrong with it. bonnet vent, spoiler is crap and totally wrong position!

Thats one battered looking car

The worst bonnet vent ever... what shape is it supposed to be? doesnt match the lines of the car at all

Cant believe its not lowered considering its been messed about with so much... in fact it looks like its been raised!
  Punto/Clio GTT

" ive taken the car to a bodyshop and they said as being as i already have all the paint required to touch up a the few spots that need touching up it would only cost me about £150 - £200 pounds "

it needs bonnet painting, front bumper painting, side skirt painting, rear bumper blown in, drivers door strip repairin n paintin and possibly drivers door painting as its more than likely took the paint off the door where its hit the wing due to poor allignment

150-200 quid? i dont fink so darlin!
  Yaris Hybrid

What a plonker, when will these people learn. If that car had been kept as standard and just given a wash and polish it would probably sell for £1000 more than what he is finally gonna get for it.
  Clio Mk1 172

That is the worst bonnet vent i have ever seen!!!:sick:

the front passengers side arch is a dark blue....totally different colour to the rest of the car!!

What a wreck!

Quote: Originally posted by Little Newms on 11 April 2005
I would rather walk!

dont have much choice lately do ya! ;)
  2008 Golf GTI Edition 30

Quote: Originally posted by Little Newms on 11 April 2005
I would rather walk!

Good job, given the way your car behaves ;)