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Oil and filter change

Mobil 1 - checked oil on friday and it was absolutely empty? afetr 7500 miles too? Grp N filter arrived so shoved it in the box too! Wow - noticable differnce - revs even freer now - considerinng its 1/4 depth of the oroginal I imagine it should be much freer flowing! Pick up in 5th is immense now coz there was a bit of a flat spot once changing to 5th from the limiet in 4th!

Was that the Green Group N replacement element? Was the induction note any higher? I mean i dont want it sounding like a little bom bom Nova;)

Was this the fella here

Part No.

2.0 16v 172hp 01-on






My concern is that the grp n filter has 1 not 3 layers to filter and is only worth using for track days. If you use it all the time you will probably shag your engine out double quick !!!

Surely if you replace the filter every 2 - 2500 miles it wont shag your engine, if seriously thinking of buying one of these filters?

Any other advice?

Thats th eone - need for speed host the green website but yeah they mail order I got mine on Saturday - it has 2layers I think - easy to fit and a noticable improvement! The Mobil 1 oil change has helped too seeing as I was empty practically!