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I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice...

A couple of months back i bought some cheap oil out a local shop. Sure it was about £10 for 5 litres, cant quite remember the name though.

The guy in the shop told me there was no petrol engine oil left but the diesel type was identical, i wasn't sure about this but took his word for it. As soon as i changed the oil, i was getting a missfile from one coil. I changed the plugs and coiul pack to no avail. On recent inspection i have noticed alot of oil surrounding one of the coils where the plugs go (coil 2), this coil is derectly below a small cover which i suspect oil has been leaking from.

Does anyone if it will be the type of oil i put on which is the problem or some sort of gasket problem?

Thanks in advance



ClioSport Club Member
  182 + 330d
You put budget diesel oil in a 172?? :( :( What viscosity was it?

One careful owner?! :D

You put budget diesel oil in a 172?? :( :( What viscosity was it?

One careful owner?! :D

I took the guy's word for it as he seemed to know what he was talking about :(

It was 5w-40. I have done some research and think i'll buy some of the Mutol or Silkolene from opie oils.

Should this sort out my problems. I've been pulling my hair out over the miss which only happens in low rev's:mad:
Forgot to mention, the car only misses when the engine is hot. Is this another indication that it could be to do with the oil?