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oil in spark plug holes

Does any one know which gasket it usually is when oil keeps leaking into the spark plug recess on the 16v.

Mine seems to be getting worse, i want to fix it but if it is not the cam cover gasket its gonna be the gasket inbetween the head and top part holding the camshaft in, this will need the timing belt off.

cheers john.
  BMW 320d Sport

Rocker cover gasket or the more usual oil dripping under the plastic bit when you top up the oil without you noticing problem?

cheers, if dfinately not spillage because my oil is green when new, this oil is light brown. When you look inside the the holes after taking out the plastic thing there is two joins. one is the rocker gasket with foam type gasket the other is a sealant type one where the head is split for the camshafts to go in.

Do you know if the rocker cover comes off without needing to take the timing belt top cover off.


the rocker cover is very easy to take off, the trox head screws that hold it down should be very easy to take out, and done back up screw driver tight, mine is off right now and im sure the rocker cover is the item to blame, also take note of the rubber rings round the plastic insert, the only problem i have is getting the very last big of oil out from the holes, mine has water mixed in so i dont want it getting ion when i swap the plugs,

the gasket is £6 or £8 from GSF

re paint your rocker cover while its off, it looks loads better

cheers mate. what colour you painted yours, silver or colour of your car or something?

gonna get the gasket from andy spares tommorow £6. got some new leads but dont want to fit them until the oil has stopped leaking.