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OIL- quick one

  Clio Trophy / RB182
Read through a few threads regarding oil...but want some peace of mind.

Can I use 0W-40 in my trophy? Or do I not run a high enough performance engine? Meaning 5W-40 would be better?

Buying today as need for tommorrow.

Cheers lads
You can use 0w-40 it's just that Renault recommend 5w-40, hence why we do too.

0w-40 will have better cold performance than 5w-40 but in UK temps it will never be cold enough to notice the difference

  Lionel Richie
to calrify as most of you have your wires crossed


the first number is the viscosity of the oil at 0degC

the lower the number the less viscous the oil (aka "thinner") so when cold = better cold performance (0 is the thinner than a 10) but even a 15W is safe for UK climate, 0 is safe down to something daft like -27degC

the second number is the viscosity of the oil at 100degC, the higher the number the thicker the oil (ie a 60 is thicker than a 40)

everyone got that?

so saying a 0W40 is "too thin" for a 172/182 is a load of balls

0w40, 5W40, 10W40 ARE ALL THE SAME VISCOSITY AT 100degC