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Oil, Service and ABS Light on. But oil pressure OK, Service comes on intermediately

  Renault Clio 172
My car is Clio 172

The issue is related in my opinion to a bad earth(GND). In the picture you can see which lights are illuminated, the car drives perfect and i have checked the OIL and its good. These lights have now been on for about 6 months but they have changed state of the time. The service was randomly coming on/off and for about 1 month it never came on. The OIL previously was going off after i got above 3000 rpm but that was also inconstant, but now the OIL is always on.

Also my new pioneer radio sometimes has power and sometimes has no power. When i start the car, i cross my fingers and hope for radio to have power :)

I noticed crack in negative connector to battery, so i replaced this and cleaned up old connection put on chassis. But this had no effect

I am not sure if this is a common fault with this model, I know its well known the problems with renault electrics.

Thanks for Reading and any suggestions would be much appreciated


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