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Oil temp gauge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Right heres the thing i hear so much of this common problem?? on the 16valver.
My oil temp gauge doesnt move on its own! Until recently ive worked out that when the engine is hot(been run for about 20 mins), if i press fairly hard where the dial is only then does it jump up to where it is supposed to be and as soon as i turn the engine off the needle doesnt settle it just sits in mid dial, unless i apply the pressure then it drops down like all the over gauges.
Ive had it plugged into a computer and there is no fault anywhere, so what is the problem here? will the gauge need replacing, is it a seperate guge or will all 3 gauges need replacing? Ive taken it to the garage who do my warranty and they seemed a bit baffled by it so i was thiking of taking it renault, i suppose if they cant fix it no one can,right??............
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

My rev counter on my previous renault RT used to stick occasionally. Used to tap it and it worked again. Think its a common Reno problem!

stop dont take it to anyone as it may be easy to fix. i had the exact problem with my valver when i got mine but it was not hard to fix at all

my kinda fixed by itself when i fitted my white dials, asll you have to do is take off the top black plastic dash cover then take out the gauges.there only held in by 2 screws anyway, take out the gauges and then take them apart and give all the connectors a clean. but if this dont work then it maybe a failed gauge. there are 3 seperate ones so its not hard to replace from a scrappy.

mine has not stoppped working after fitting the white dials and giving them a bit of a clean

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

On a similar subject, my digital temp display works fine but doesnt light up. Im guessing its the bulb. Is it easy to change, or is it not worth the hassle!

your digital display is just bulbs that happened to me aswell except all my lghts went out 1 by 1 all sorted now though. Im gonna take out the gauges and give em a good clean. Also my petrol needle stays up whilst my engine is off, if i fill the car right up with petrol the needle will stay up for ages then when i have nearly used the tank it will suddenly drop down to 1/4 of a tank, bit annoying..
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Did you change your bulbs? Is it relatively easy to get to them behind the dash?

Cheers mate, much appreciated!

Na didnt do it myself im hopeless with electrics got my local garage to do it, dead cheap, cause all lights went out i thought it was another problem..