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Oil temperature in Clio rs trophy 2017

  Renault Clio Throphy
Hi guys,
I have the Clio Trophy 2017 for two weeks now, and I notice that there is no any information about the oil temperature !
I tried to use obd2 but there is no data about the oil temperature.
Someone know why ? And how I can know the oil temperature ? It's very important for me because I live in very hot country and doing alot of track days.


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
Hey guys thanks, no I don't have the rs monitor in my car.
@JamesBryan does it difficult to do it ?
Fitting the actual plate to the oil filter housing is easy. If you can do an oil filter change then you can fit one.

You'll need some basic wiring knowledge to wire the power in though and also somewhere to mount the gauge itself, usually in a pod mount or cutting somewhere in the dash 👀

The rs monitor doesn't actually show oil temperature, it works it out from coolant temp I believe

There isn't actually a sensor for oil temp, it's a calculation based off coolant temp and time, amongst other things.

I know people who have a proper gauge alongside the monitor and it's read at least 10°c lower compared to a proper gauge.