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ok, much help needed.

right - the geezer who is meant to be doin all the work on me motors says it now aint gona be next week but its gona be the week after when he starts n my mate are gona do it ourselfs. *waits for laughter*
well the bulk of it anyhoo.
so what i need to find out is how hard is it to change a gearbox and clutch/clutch cable? on a 19 16v, i presume its the same as a clio 16v.
the engine i dont think will be a problem, that seems like the easiest bit right now cos ive had alot of dealings with the bay area. but the bit that worries me is the gearbox and clutch as ive not really seen much of them lol

any help appreciated muchly.

  Williams 2, STi N12

Easy M8.

But your best bet is to whip the whole lot out, it will save you a lot of hassle and make the re-alignment a whole load easier.

Get yourself a manual from Mr Haynes and a good clean spacious garage.

Had to take my Willy engine out and at first I thought it would be difficult but hey it is only a block of metal held in by 3 points, just disconnect all the electrics and plumbing...easy.

Go for a lot of squids.

yeah gota get all the sh*te outta the garage first - then clear the pit.

ive been speaking to jimbo and he says theres tons of prep work b4 the lump can come out, but ur right - im gona be saving some money eh?


Yeah its plenty of work, but not as difficult as it seems. Just make it easy for yourself by doing it all methodically. Also make sure you replcae the thrust bearing while you are changine the clutch, dont always get a replacement with a clutch kit.

Youd be as well changine the cam belt while the engine out, for all it will cost.

Alex M

yeah im gona, ive got the cambelt, alt belt, tensioners sat in the boot waiting to go on - 3 new mounts, clutch cable, group n clutch.

erm, dont mean to sound silly but what is the thrust bearing? i know the clutch ive got here is 3 piece, is it one of those?

  Williams 2, STi N12

Theres not much prep work really.

Bonnet off, drain coolant, radiator out, remove airbox, battery and all electrics, fuel hoses, water hoses etc..

Underneath, wheels off and take out the top nut off the swivel hub, driveshafts off. Undo exhaust and engine mount..

Back to top and whip it out...(forgive me if I have left anything else out)

  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah it looks pretty daunting Ray, but its like Lego. Its definitely best to lift the whole lot together and separate the box and lump on the garage floor.

hmmm lego i dont know lol - cos lego i can do

regarding the all out in one thing, nigel fox told me not to try it that way cos he doubts the lump n box will make it out the bay area all in one.

thing is i cant drop the subframe cos i aint got the room really - i got a pit, to undo the underside stuff, and gona have the crane....but thats it.

anyway, im gathering loads of info from all the forums and it all seems to be the same so fingers crossed. im gona get dave T to bring his digicam for the old snapshots too, and ill post the progress - well thats if the mechanic who has my cars wants to give em back to me AFTER THE MONTH HES HAD EM FOR - grrrrr

nice one everyone.

  Williams 2, STi N12

If it can come out of my Willy bay all in one then Im sure it will come out of your 19 in one.

I had to take the black cover that protects the 5th gear off of my gearbox to get that little bit of extra room but it WILL go.

Thrust bearing or clutch release bearing, itll be on the shaft inside the bellhousing, when clutch is pressed it slides up and disengages the clutch plates.

You can tell when one is shot as it makes a constant noise, that dissappears when you press in the clutch, change it anyway as it is no hassle to do (well no hassle if you have the box and enginer already seperated- lol), will be obvious to you when you take it off, its just a bearing, hope that helps.

Alex M
  BMW 320d Sport

Ray, Nigels right that it can be done by dropping the subframe out, but with a job like youre doing, the best way by far is to take the whole assembly out through the bonnet with a hoist. And it definitely will come out.

Think about it this way - which would you prefer, working under the car with the engine mounts off trying to seperate the engine and box? And probably banging your head all the time. Or taking the whole lot out in one go and then taking it easy doing the separation at your leisure with a beer in one hand and spanner in the other, perhaps lounging in a deck chair?

i wa told you have got to remove the drive shafts to get it out the top, and in all the time mine has come out its been through the bottom by dropping the sub-frame