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Old RsTuner Map from 2010 question.


ClioSport Club Member

I got my car with a de-cat fitted and I want to re-install it so its less of a ball-ache come MOT time. I wanted to check it didn't have the pop and bang map so I don't destroy my cat. It does idle higher and there's also no light from the 2nd lambda which is tied up so I assumed it had been mapped out.

I got an old RSTuner and it shows that it had a FASTCHIP map applied in 03/2010, Software 8200, Calibration 7804
From what I have read, the overrun and normal 98RON map have the same version numbers so I'm not sure if there is another way to tell?
I have also seen that the very old RStuners were not able to write the overrun map and from what I can tell the newer ones that could were around 2011, so am I right in thinking its not the overrun map because it wasn't out yet?

Is there any other way to tell?

It does bang on the way down when coasting from high-ish revs, it doesn't crackle or sound like others I hear popping all the time thank god.

It smells fumey but I had a civic with a de-cat and that smelt fumey too.

Much thanks,