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Omar’s Ring Vid - Lap 3

  Clio 197

Nope... you dont overtake me, but Alex comments on how youre behind me on the last right hander.

Guess you couldnt get past.;)
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

LOL I think that was the point michelle commented on my wheel bearing being on its way out. ;)
  Punto/Clio GTT

ohhh this is where everyone issss, smile mother f**ker.. LMAO..

man... couldnt care less about the ring that driver n co driver are hillarious!
  Remapped derv Golf

You minced that 1.4 Astra!!

My god! doesnt a big track make a road car look slow.

Compared to a touring car or something anyway!

Good video omar.

Wish I could have gone :(

That M3 was a tad rapid!
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

Quote of the lap:

f**k! How quick is that! I thought my car was fast!

Brilliant! :D
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

it was a stripped M3 in white with black wheels. mint car. think it broke though.
  Clio 197

LMAO guys...

Brings back memories...

I wish Id filmed my 5th lap - absoultely clear run, and I was flat out most of the time. I reached 120 on some straights!


A big bag of respect to you, and everyone who had a crack at that track. It was almost as exhausting to watch. I sensed it was very intense - especially with it being your own car: no "press A to continue" if you stuff it

If its alright with you, id like to be counted in on the next one.
  Mk2 172 (Silver)

i cant download it from work...and at home im on dial-up. :(

can someone do me a hooooge favour and put all the videos (phunkey_monkeys, oms and jon_rs plus any others) on a cd for me? pretty pleeeeeeease?? :oops: ill repay however you wish...alcohol, discs etc. :D thank you.
  Yaris Hybrid

This video is great! I love the commentary!!! Reminds of the guys in the Italian job in the mini that was always lagging behind the others!!!

I am curious though about the notes and stuff as you really could see how they slowed down when they lost their place in the notes.

Presumably you guys had been on PGR2 or GT4 or before hand? Now I have never been to the ring but due to playing the games whenever I watch these videos I always know which corners are coming up. Am I right in thinking that when you are actually in the car and looking out of the windscreen at the real scenery and concentrating on just the bit of tarmac ahead its a whole lot harder to work out where you are?
  Clio 197

Alex was shouting directions.

After his first fcukup, we decided to do a recon lap, and write down all the bends on a notebook.

We refined it lap by lap until we got some good times: 13:30mins including the GP track.

Good fun, I tell you!
  BMW 320d Sport

What time was it excluding the F1 circuit? From T13 (end of the F1 when you turn sharp left to go onto the Nordschleife section) back to the pits? Thats the time you want to work to...if you want a proper Ring time then add half a minute or so for the start/finish straight.
  Clio 197

No idea Nick... Since I got a clear run of the F1 in the video, I would sutract however long it took, from 13:30, then add 30 secs?

Dont worry... well all be there again soon!

Just had chance to watch this - top vid with hilarious commentary dude! :D Really makes me wish Id taped one one of my laps now