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Onboard Video: Bonnet Flips and smashes screen @ 100mph/160kph

  Megane 2 GT 165
racing looks a bit rough, nice though!

march 2010 on the way to Val Thorens my mate didn't shut the bonnet good after pis(s)tstop and fluids refill.
Entering the fastlane the bonnet came up...scared the s**t out of me, especially when my mate decided to slow down on the fast lane. S**ker!
I had to tell him to quit f**king about and bring it to the service/safe lane as the on coming traffic was swerving like a mad house on the slippery roads of luxembourg


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
There's a guy Fred knows, that happened in his 306 half way round Druids. He corrected the slide, pulled over, popped the bonnet down and carried on.