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one touch window closure

  R35 GTR
I want to be able to close the passenger window, with just a quick flick like you do with drivers side.

I know exactly how to do this by making some stuff, but is there anyway of doing it with standard renault parts?


Yeah this guy added it somehow. PM him to see if he still about. Would love this too.


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Its a pain in the arse havin to keep your finger on the button . My 172 had 1 touch closure , the 182 doesn't :(
Its a right pain forget the idea imports have it as its Euro spec.

The wiring looms are different on one touch and the UCH need reprogramming and the switch is different. It can be done but for the effort its not worthwhile.

If you want ti done best way it to make the extra looms wires to the uch (i get fine the wires you need to plug up) then get Renault to order the Euro spec switch and get them on the computer clip to enable one touch fromn the UCH.
Total cost say £5 for switch a few quid for the wires and £20 for the reprogramming then say 4 hours minimum to stip doors downt ot get to switch and strip down UCH to get to the extra plugs. More likly 7 hours of work.