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One Touch Windows

  172 Exclusive #114
I'm now the pround owner of a Y (Mk 2, Ph1?) 172 Exclusive, and have previously owned an X 1.6 RSi - so I bloody love me french motors! Now, a mod I wanted to do on the RSi but never got round to it was converting the passenger window to one touch (both from the passenger side switch and the drivers side) - Now, what I really want to know is, is it possible? I'd assume I'd just have to replace the motor assembly and switchgear with drivers side switchhear but hey, what do I know! ;-)
  Tangoed Works
or get a clifford smart windows interface. dont know if you need the alarm to work with it though. had it on my saxo before, lovely feature.
  172 Exclusive #114
In the long run, Yes! - But for the moment I didn't want to spend £600 on an alarm and bits, just looking for a quick and easy way for now.
bmh.01 said:
Can't remember the specifics of it but its way more hassle and expense than whats its worth.
Its different on the phase 1 cars as there no UCH but just get an alarm with auto close if you want it.