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ooo my acheing looms

ok, i have found a extra connector on the williams lump that my 1.8 valver engine didnt have. ill try and explain the area its located in.

if u imagine the knock sensor, then look to the left about 6 inches, so ur just about behind the gearbox side of the alt. then directly there where the main loom runs under the inlet u have 4 wires running to the alt, positive, negative, a connector to the alt and something else which i cant remeber off the top of my head. now thats on the 1.8 16v lump. on the 2.0 williy lump theres 5 wires coming out of the same place, unlike the 1.8 with only 4.

i was wqondering if anyone knows what this may be as i cant see a single place where it can plug into.

any help much appreciated.


hmmm car seems to run fine tho, although the alt is making a weird whiring sound so im wondering if that wire has anything to do with that or its just the belt is too tight