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  Clio 182 cup
Hi everyone, finally put my clio on the road after owning it for 5 months and today in the peaks on the way to work I hit a almighty puddle, problem is the car has a cold air feed pipe to the fog light, car shut off so I pushed it out getting very wet in the process and the car wouldn't start, so I left it for 30 minutes to dry and thankfully she came to life. I've just been out on my break and noticed mayo like substance on the filler cap and dipstick, car sounds normalish and drives OK. Is my car knackered or have I been extremely lucky
  Clio 182 cup
This is why a ground-level cold air feed does not seem a wise idea in the UK... lol

It's not like it's warm outside in winter anyway :LOL:
Haha I agree it came like that 😑 I'm in the process of swapping it out just need to find that plastic connector that attaches to ktec induction kit