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Opinions on South Herts Renault Garages

About to pick up my 172 and want to get it serviced ASAP. Anyone got anything NICE to say about servicing at Renault Watford, Waters St Albans or Harpenden or Hardings of Bovingdon?

Hi Glen,

I just had quite a lot of work done at Hardings Renault Bovingdon. They did quite a good job even though it wasnt all that cheap!! The service manager did a good job of breaking down the invoice so I could see where all my money went. Good as far as Renault garages go!!

Thanks for that Danny. Im used to Lotus servicing costs so anything will be an improvement from that. This site could really do with a dealer database with opinions.

The dealer in Ware/Hertford is good - its called ... emm ... Ware Garages - they are a Ralliart dealer too - they look after your car - but they are going to be expensive as they are offical dealers - as they all are bloody expensive.

For a change the lotus is cheaper to service! Once out of warranty, you dont have to use sh*te like London Lotus Centre - though my chap has just put his rates up - he now charges £30 per hour :)


Service maybe cheaper for your Elise. I spent £3k on my Elan trying to get it perfect in 18 months. Finally gave up and sold it. My last service bill was £1500.