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Opinions on these wheels

  2007 clio dynamique
So basically i fitted these after my car failed its mot for a bent alloy , they were cheap and had good tires , im just not sure what i think to them
please excuse the weed ridden front area its a work in progress lol


South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
They look tiny .. silly fat mk3's .. need spacing out as a minimum !

I would probably run them for a bit, find some new wheels or one more to match your old set then bung these on eBay.

Up to you though, obviously.
  2007 clio dynamique
Yes they do look small , there 17s and the car is lowered 35 mm so as you said its because of the huge arches lol the fronts sit just right but the back could do with spacers , thanks for the comments
  mini cooper s
Look alright, I think if the silver ring in the centre was black, they would look alot better. May be tiny but that just stands out at me when I look at them.


ClioSport Club Member
  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
TSW Hockenheims! Cavalier gsi belters. Love em, they take me back.
  2007 clio dynamique
i didnt think anyone would like them tbh so im supprised at the comments, i think i may refurb them and keep them now, any one got any thoughts on colours ? i was thinking black but maybe it would look abit to much on a black car ?