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Opinions on this.......

  Subaru WRX

Yuk, That car is <A target=_blank href= "mailto:w@nk"> w@nk!! :eek:

I have too agree with you Jilly dont like highly kitted cars, especially when they are this bad, That kit looks like it should be on a Corsa !!


I quite like it.

And the chances are the owner can see this post, because there was one at Brands Hatch with the same kit on.


I like the rear bumper but not much else. Did see a clio with the same kit which had twin zhorsts vertically mounted comint out the ovel parts each side. 9if that makes sense.

yeah looks crap, subtle mods suit the later clios. I saw a 172 with a huge spoiler on the back, the guy had ruined it. Also had a massive RENAULT sticker takin up the whole of the back screen..really buggered the car up

lol.... who had the clio with a really "nice" lol :confused: body kit at brands? there was a picture of it in a row with others... It was "greyee silver" I think.... I didnt like that one either... But then im just not a big body kit fan....

What are you all like?!!? Its horrible!!! Particuarly the rear bumper!! The rear bumper is an absolute saxo-fest!! Yuk yuk yuk!

No offence intended to the guy (or gall!?) that had this kit on their clio at brands!

........yuk yuk yuk!
  Subaru WRX

He should have saved the money he spent on that ridiculous bodykit and brought a 172 instead of a DCi !!!

All it needs to finish it off is a MAX power sticker !!! :confused:
  Silver Fabia vRS

&lt;Flame Suit On&gt; I dont mind the back although the zorsts are a bit too much &lt;Flame Suit Off&gt; but the rest of it is hideous!

Lol Geoff! I agree the rear of it is less offensive than the rest, but I still wouldnt touch it with yours. No offence to the fella on here who has one similar - some people think Im kinda funny looking but I know Im gorgeous :D
  Subaru WRX

Just had a quick browse through thier site,

I think they should rename the site to www .nastycarkits .com or something along that line !! cant believe they have ever sold any !!! :confused: