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ahhh, just got off the phone to K-Tec and have ordered my first ever sports exhaust! WWAAHHHOOOOO! Its the lastest desgin from K-Tec, with the removable bafflers. And no-doubt i will be posting some sounds later on thursday! :D:cool::D



  Audi TT Stronic

you should have signed up to be a member of cliosport..the discount probably would have covered your fee + some extra back in your pocket.

I need a new zorst and K-Tec looks sweet but people say you cant hear the induction kit over the zorst!! :(

I love the induction sound so i need a zorst that sounds meaty but dont drown out the induction!

Any idears?

I currently got a Magnex system with soon to be de-cat pipe?

lol @ Daz.:D

a de-cat pipe will make it even louder. A silenced de-cat or a sports cat would make it easier to hear the induction roar. and put some extra cold air feeds leading to the IK. this will help more. Infact fit as many tubes as possible! The more the better i say.:devilish:

KDF - memberships in the post, just couldnt wait thou, needed to be the first! ;)

Called up kwik Fit to see if they could slip on my new exhaust on thursday, they said naaahh mate, we dont put on exhausts which arent bought from us!!?? WTF?! fair enough.

Next a local tyres and zorst place said yeh no probs, £40, oh and plus the VAT. Sorry mate? 40 quid, +VAT? Thought this was well steep, to slip the dam thing on!

Whats the going rates to get a zorst fitted?

My local mechanic did mine as well - stripped the brakes and sorted a couple of little scratches on the passenger door as well - all for 40 quid.