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Ordering parts from Renault

  Artic Blue 182FF
to order parts for my 1.2 (172 back bumper and sports grill) would i just ring my local dealer? ask to be put thru to parts? order from them and then go collect?... is it that simple? would i need a 172 reg number? if so why?

it should be that simple. Not sure if they'll ask for a Reg number or not tbh. They may ask for a deposit or full payment upfront though.
  Monaco Blue Mk2
Reg numbers make it easier for them them to find parts but you should be fine for those as they are popular parts. At my local dealer you have to pay up front before the parts are ordered in so you need to go in person.
  Vectra :(
Yeah usually need to go in person and pay before they order anything which isnt a dealer stock item.