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Ordnance Survey Maps

  Bumder With A Buffer
Is there anyway to get OS maps onto your phone. Preferably Android although I do also have an old 3G iPhone I could use.

Mainly used for walking and being able to view maps without the need to go "online" or use any form of data.

Or if anyone has any other ways/ applications to view OS maps on a phone?
  987 Boxster S
gvSIG Mini and/or OruxMaps. I think both offer the option to download maps so you don't need to be online to use them.
  987 Boxster S
Lol. They are just map apps, can't be that complicated. Maybe you should spend a bit more time with them.
  Bumder With A Buffer
No what I mean is I know what I want, a full UK OS map on my phone, but there seems to be no way I can do that easily?


ClioSport Club Member
Mate, I don't think you'll get a decent detail FULL UK OS map on your phone as the data storage requirements will likely exceed that of your phone storage.

realnumber 1

ClioSport Club Member
MM Tracker free on Android uses Memory Map maps which are full OS based and can be got for free;).

My dad uses it for hiking all the time and rates it highly!
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ClioSport Club Member
this might be a stupid question but whats the difference between OS maps and "normal" maps as on most phones these days? serious question to try and help you btw
  Mk4 Mondeo Estate
OS maps provide detailed information on the steepness of hills, shows you public footpaths, bridleways and the like.