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Other brands of 4 Pot Brakes that would fit on a 182 (15 inch wheels)

  Z4x2 & buying a 182
Hi all,

So I spend possibly 10% of my waking life on Ebay which is a bad habit, but I have been thinking about a brake upgrade for my 182 recently (I know its probably pointless on a standard NA car but I just really want some at some point) and it got me wondering which other cars have 4 pots that would fit (maybe with a bit of encouragement from my garage) under a set of 15s? I haven't bought the 15 inch alloys yet but i will be doing so imminently.



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  Clio 182
If you're taking it on track then it may be a worthwhile upgrade, otherwise I'd just get better pads and maybe some braided lines. I saw a thread here talking about brackets that let you use the 4 pot calipers from a Mégane with the standard 280mm discs, but you'd probably be better off spending the extra money on lightweight good quality 15" wheels and decent tyres than big brakes
Wilwood's fit under 15" wheels but theyre like 2x the price of Megane brembos+ brackets as you have to use 2 piece discs

Compbrake are pretty tiny 4 pots and take up next to no room but again, im pretty sure you have to use the proper 2 piece discs for them

@Kev@KAM is this correct?


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1 piece willwood kit here.



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There are some older Nissan calipers that run with a 280mm disc, IIRC they just about fit under 15's.

Seems like a massive faf and not worth the effort tho.


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Tried and tested seems like a good route to follow. What wheels you go for could affect your choice though.


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I'm pretty sure you'll be OK for clearence with them for most 4 pots that usually make it onto a clio.