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Our ’wee’ Scottish meet!


A good time had by all I think youll agree. Just hope its dry next time, so I dont have to worry about understeer and 80MPH!:confused:

Anyway here are a few pics, all stationary in the car park, I wasnt brave enough to take any on the move pics!! Need some tips from Craggy! Oh and the RS Focus is in there coz my old man managed to snap it a few days ago, nice!:cool:
  Clio 1.6 16V

Sounds like you guys had a good time today. I had planned to come along but unfortunately work over-ruled the days plans! :( ...........Oh well ......maybe next time?

Hes your bro - why dont you ask him ;)

Theres not much in it - youd need them side by side along a 1/4 mile probably. Bit quicker up the top end, but its difficult to tell on twisty roads as whoever gets through the corner first gets the power down a bit before the following car. Well do some times with Pauls AP22 and see what the figs say.

Averaged 26mpg over the trip though :D