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Our Collection over the years....

  A4 & 840CI
Just looking back in my Photo Bucket account...

My brothers MINT, old 172 clio... was by far the cleanest example around!



Then he changed to, yet again the mintest example of a mk1 v6 around most prob. Now has a quiksilver back box which sounds the b****cks!




My little beast.... Once again, one of the mintest examples ;)





I miss the 172's :(
  A4 & 840CI
It only had a BMC, Supersprint exhaust system. Yozza brake package for a while. And was on the H&R's.

Had a few ghey touches like carbon engine cover and blue elbow bend

  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
No way mate!

You obviously dont know my brother lol!!!!

lol, Must just be my pictures on this laptop. When you said it was mint and I saw the alloys I just thought maybe not. 172 Mk1 looks superb, as does your little number :D

Just looked at the pictures on my computer at work, and the alloys are tip top. My laptop must have somehow screwed the pixels up.
All cars look bang on and in peak condition. Good stuff! :D