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Out today.. (Fif Tey Seeks Kay No O Kay..)

  DCi 100
Afew pictures from todays explores.. playing with the camera and had some fun.

Turned up at's shop to meet up with a mate of his from 28DL, but he was late >_< So went up to the first spot for a wander. Appreciate the info alot, and never knew you was off here! Look forward to seeing your 182 at some point.

People from Warrington will recognise the sites most probably.









Sneaky preview of the next site, can see it in this photo..


Back down, spoke to Mike again and got in touch with his friend, the chap we was meeting up with.

Jump in the car, down to the next place, not many pics on the way in but I want to get some in future, tis very beautiful spot while walking down there.





Was amazing to be stood there.


As we climbed down another ladder, we got ready to go into another side porch, as my mate crawled under the 2 foot gap under the iron, all I heard was "Wow... Wow..."

I found out why once I had crawled under myself. The picture doesn't do it justice, as the light isn't captured as you see it, but I tried. I also got some crap on my lense because it was raining etc, so only have like 1 picture without it on.. :[




Trying to get the light on the water right.. fail.


A new discovery on the way out, the guy who had been before didn't even those these were here!

s**te picture, but just to show how big these were.


  DCi 100
is that the old railway bridge at irlam/cadishead bypass and the thelwall?

was on them both today :)

awesome shots

It's the old railway bridge above the manchester ship canal near Latchford, Warrington.

The second place was under the M6, inside Thelwall viaduct.

  Titanium 182
Aye I have driven on it then haha, big green metal thing ? used to go to college in Staffordshire. I hate that f**king drive so depressing :eek:

Nice pics btw, good skills!
  DCi 100
Colour blind mate, the whole bridge looks like a creamy sort of colour to me.

Thanks, I've only had the camera 3/4 weeks I think, still playing.