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Owner of my first 172, also track down its history on here!

  Clio 172
Hi all,

I brought a 172 about March just gone. Was a purchase with not much history which didnt mind me too much as its for my first track day car. It went brilliantly at castle combe the other month!
The only thing i really know about this car is it was made for track days from a previous owner. Im believed it was a once member of (decal on the rear window)
I would love to know if its recognised by any of you good folk as this would help me determine what’s been done and what needs to be done :) (dont want to do the same job twice haha)

A bit about me though with my car journey. Ever since i was a teen I always wanted a 172/182, but insurance put me into other directions but its nice to finally own something i wanted in my younger years which has not disappointed me.
My daily is a stage 1 BMW m135, but do I dare say the Clio brings a bigger smile to my face!

Regards to the photos, the orange decals/race numbers and orange sprayed grill are my additions Including decibel reducer.


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