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OZ Alloy Wheels

  Clio 190bhp Hybrid
Got mine for a bargain from Halfords as they were displaying the wrong ticket price and had to honour it. Labelled at £524.99 with tyres and on till were £700 or something daft.

My Oz Ultraleggeras in 16" Graphite worked out to be £350 after selling the tyres on and paying with gift vouchers I get at 10 per cent off.

Always worth checking there now and then as they had 25 per cent off when I got mine and the 16" were cheaper than the 15" which was strange.
Cheers Matty I'll give them a go tomorrow,was looking at getting 15's but if the 16's are cheaper might aswell go for them.'Ultraleggeras in 16" Graphite ' very nice imo,been looking on sites but there are a few to go through.B
y the way did you get rid of them hankook's?
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid
Yeah £130 on ebay.

If you end up getting them from Halfords let me know as may be able to get you the gift vouchers I got through my work disocunt site (motivano) so that knocks 10 per cent off as they post you the vouchers yet you only pay 90 per cent of their value.

Doesn't look like they have the 25 per cent offer on anymore.....