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oz f1's

  Clio mk1 rally :P
just wandering. are there different width oz f1's?
cuz i saw a clio mk2 ph1 with some one today and the seemed very narrow...

mine are 195/50/15..

and seem alot wider than the ones i saw.
Dosent mean a thing. He could have the wrong size tyres on or it might not have even been a 172 (out going Clio's run a narrower track than Sports versions)

There is a 14'' OZ wheel in the Clio line up. Think it was bolted to the ''172 look'' van and the optional extra parts list for general Renault fit.
  Clio mk1 rally :P
oo ok.
was just wandering in case i tried to buy a second hand one off ebay and they where too narrow lol
thanks :p