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oz wheels 4 sale

selling my oz super ts 17s 4 £500 with tyres aswell , 2 front tyres brand new ,, Just paid £80 each.. offers welcome aswell???... They are only 10 months old...........
  Clio v6

I guess your wheels for sale in the wrong forum, are only 4 stud?

I just bought a new OE wheel for mine 17" OZ ST £318.45 for 1

4 Stud 17" ( non OE ) are £ 612.00 in vat, so including road worthy tyres your prices are quite fare I would say. Even in the wrong forum.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Dash mate your shopping in the wrong place!! OZ ST are £167 each in 4 and 5 stud round here + about £80 per tyre thats £247 a wheel. You can get 18" wheel for less than you paid.

That still makes £500 for the set a great deal. I have seen them on the car so I know they look cracking....someone snap them up!!
  Clio v6

Only looked up one retail outlet for the prices but I guess they are variable.

Mine was OE ( ie not tatty OZ printing on them ) from Renault. After market are cheaper I know
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Not wanting to go on and on.....but you can buy the OZ wheel without the tatty printing - though you still have the centre cap thingy. Then Renault can supply you with a new centre cap.

I am trying to do this with a set of Speedline Turinis just want to know if the 16" cap will fit on a set of 17"s

OK so where were we......
  Clio v6

Ask your local parts dept if the part number is the same for the 16" cap. Most likely in their accesories brochure.

The cap (ENJOLIVEUR JANT) for 17" wheel is 6020010230 £9.27 +VAT

Its 55 mm diameter ( just measured my spare one )