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p/x anyone???

  VW Golf TDI
just been looking at picture of my old clio and I do miss it, at the minute I have a 182 cup in inferno, and would like to p/x it for something slightly older 172 etc like my old one

here is my old one

  VW Golf TDI
oh lookin close to 10k its a 05 plate late 05 august so nearly a 55 reg, done 14k miles and in showroom condition, can take more piccys when its sunny. apparantly i read somewhere there is only 168 inferno cups in uk
  VW Golf TDI
because I dont like it, not keen on it, had my 172 for 2 years only had this 5 months but im just not keen on it, just miss lether etc and xenons an all the other extras that a 172 82 ff comes with