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Paddy steals 2live’s shades shocker!!!!

  320d M Sport

haha, You left your Sunnys in my car mate!!! Ill bring em on SAt at the NW meet!!! Came in pretty handy them! :D Cheers Fella!;)


PS-My cars faster than yours..........:devilish:;)
  clio 20v

lol, wonder if hes bin lookin for em

p.s my cars got bigger wheels than urs;)

and its more silver than urs too he he
  320d M Sport

shot down!! Well and truly! Bet hes been strugglin to look cool without em? What u reckon??? Suppose hell just toast anyone who tries it on:D:devilish:
  williams and trophy

lol i wondered where theyd gone......

il see u tomoro lol mmmmmmmm wonder if i can make a cardboard box look like the rear n front seats???????? lol
  williams and trophy

lol. we seem to be too similar in times mate lol

i think only when 1 of us has won 3 in a row that we can say whos the fastest hehe (with neither driver making a mistake)

maybe a few runs tomoro wouldnt do anyone any harm wud it??????????