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Paint feels rough

  2015 ST2(MO)/CorsaLE
Hi all

Please help

My dad has just bought a C5 55 plate (i no its not the sort of car anyone on here will like, but hey he tows a caravan)

Well its about a year old and was an ex demo, as my dad is keen to get the car looking like new, after a few cleans its looks very shiny.

Only problem is that it still feels rough when you feel the paint work (like slightly gritty) is it in the paint work?? hes polished it but it didnt really make a lot of difference - the car has a great shine

Any ideas please

Thanks Paul
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Buy some clay and quick detailer and set to work on it with this after washing, this should make it feel glass smooth again.

You can then polish and wax it after. :)
  2015 ST2(MO)/CorsaLE
clay ive seen that stuff it halford, i know a lot of people use it, quick detailer whats that please??

  BMW E46 330i Touring
Quick detailer will come with the clay if you buy the Meguiars clay from halfords mate. It's basically what you spray onto the paintwork as you're claying to keep it lubed up and ensure that the clay doesn't stick to the paint, but runs across it smoothly.