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Paint revival & Cleaning/detailing process advice


ClioSport Club Member
  Jim's rejects
Wondering if you can offer some guidance as to what I'd need and what I'd need to do. The mission is to clean & detail a silver car.
Some parts have been freshly painted, but the parts that haven't - have been exposed to the elements and in my opinion, look a little yellowish.


The front wing is freshly painted, the door and A pillar are original.

The car, looks a like someone has pissed in the original silver paint. However, it hasn't been washed yet, so some darkness might come off, when I put a sponge on it.

I have the items below - do I need anything else? and what order would I conduct the detailing? I have some light scratches to remove too - when do you do them? (and the end?)

- 2 buckets
- Lambs wool mit
- snow foam lance/pressure washer (valet pro snow foam)
- poorboys car wash/suds
- A Meguirs DA - with various pads cutting/polishing etc etc
- All the usual drying towels and microfibres
- some wax/paste type stuff that is in the DA's bag, not sure what this called. think it is a glaze?!

Along with this stuff:




ClioSport Club Member
Contactless wash
Bucket wash
Chemical decon
Clay bar
Compound to remove defects
Seal with wax