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painting badges

  Renault clio 172
hi, where can i go to to get my renault badge sprayed black to match my car? i have recently just joined the forum, i have a renualt clio 172 black looking at making in to a beast. A turbo is on the car and my aim is to get it to 300 +bhp
Hi, you could try painting them yourself if your ok at painting.

Did you get the car froma member on here ? What's it putting out at the min ?
  Renault clio 172
just standard at the moment but hope to get ktec turbo and have it up to 300 + bhp or a supercharger. What kind of paint something from halfords? are the badges easy to take off?
  clio 16v
Rear badge needs your boot liner taken off and unscrew it. Front is apull of mate just go carefully making sure not to snap the clip!And tbh I'd go with ford graphite grey it's a close match to the grille , also welcome to the forum! :)
  clio 1.4 s
some fine sand paper,spray/matt black or shin black and a if you want it to look shiney then a top shine spray
  astra gsi/cliosport 172

i done mine today
  Titanium 182 & 306 Diesel
sand paper, primer, colour and then lacquer i'ts pretty easy to be honest but allow time for each layer to set don't rush it. I sprayed all of my badges over a space of a few eeks to allow the paint to set.

As below pics of all the badges sprayed


  Mustang, S13, AX GT
sand the chrome down, clean it, do about 2-3 good coats of primer, leave it for about 30 mins then 3-4+ thin coats of colour. Leave it for about 30 mins so its touch dry and then about 3-4 coats again of laquer.