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Painting Spoilers etc...

How easy is it to paint spoilers, splitters etc? I was wondering about this because I would like a valver spoiler but I am a complete amatuer and know about painting them?
just spraying them myself, don't know how they do it in bodyshops but i guess its complicated and expensive.
  Punto/Clio GTT
not terribly hard. all down to taking your time, keeping your stuff as clean as possible n just not rushing.

it will probably be painted n laquered so it wont need primering.

basically it will need a good wetflat so the old laquer is completely flat and dull. then its ready for your base coats (colour) let that dry then your few coats of clear (laquer).

if theres any chips or damage, just give it a good rub down until its gone, if you break through the laquer anywhere just dust some primer on it, wetflat that down then ready for painting.
  Chocolate Bar™
i'd prob primer it as well, just to be one the safe side, as old paint can have a habit of reacting with cellulose.

If its just plastic bits it'll defo need plastic primering and flatting down. If there are any major chips , damage etc, a skim of bodyfiller will do the trick, and then sand down till flat :)
  Punto/Clio GTT
disagree middo. you start breakin through old laquer your like ten times more likeley to encounter reaction problems than to simply wet flat and basecoat over it, plus its way way more efficient.

spoiler - wet flat - bit of primer - wet flat - colour - clear


spoiler - sand down to plastic - plastic prime - prime - flat - basecoat - clear

lot more effort for a spoiler n alot more stuff to do to attract reactions/problems.

all in my experience anyway! if the old laquers good, dont f**k about with it!
  Chocolate Bar™
i dont mean go through the laquer, i mean just rough it up a bit, should be thick enough to take a good flatting down and a layer of primer. but like you say, completly personal preference.

totally agree with the stages though, thats exactly what i do on most of my parts, and usually works a treat :D
Doesn't sound too tricky, just a situation where it pays to take your time.
Whats wet flat though its been mentioned but i don't know what it is:S never done anything like this before:eek: .
Would paint be cheap to buy, hopefully not from renault.
  Punto/Clio GTT
basically when you sand down you use different grades of paper, they go from really coarse like P40's n P80's, down to really fine paper like P2500/P3000

you can also get 2 types of paper. wetordry paper.. which basically is for wet flatting, instead of rubbing it down dry n creating dust, you rub it down wet . wetflatting is mainly used for flatting primer n flatting new and old paintwork. dry sanding is used for repairs mainly where you gotta rub down bodyfiller.

you'll be using some P800, P1000 or P1200 wetordry paper to wet flat your spoiler, or a grey scotchbrite (scuff pad like a brillopad) if the paintwork is v good.

paint from halfords is about fiver a can if theyve got your colour in, if they have to colour match it its tenner a can.

your best to go to a proper paint supplier and ask them to colour match your car.

your gonna need 2 cans of paint n 2 cans of laquer for a spoiler. might get away with 1 can of colour but if you bugger up you got some more to do it again
Oh cheers, Halfords had my colour for a touch up kit. So it shouldn't be too difficult.
Thanks for all the advice, it's very appreciated.