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Parcel Shelf Carpet

  2004 1.2 Dynamique

Made my self a MDF parcel shelf as my current parcel shelf is light and ratlling al the time, wheres the best place to buy carpet/material for it? Im after some really dark grey material, thinking about getting the ClioSport logo embroided into the middle of it too!

get down to halfords. they sell acoustic carpet for such things.

and with an attitude like that Joel, do you really expect people to help you?
  Black Clio 182

just look in the yellow pages for fabric places and give them a ring. i done this and got sum white leather stuff for my install and it only cost me £5

Can get it alot cheaper than halfords mate. Go to a place that do chair repairs and stuff, I got 10 metres of it for a fiver

The colour of your carpets imho. Looks too weird havin a parcel shelf a totally different colour from the rest of the car.