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Parkers valuations

Anyone here know how accurate these are (from The Williams 3 I am going to look at tonight it a 96-N, 80,000, FSH and apparently in "A1" condition, but they want £6000 for it. Parkers value it at around £4900. Anyone know how realistic these prices are? I dont want to waste £1000 in the blink of an eye by buying an overpriced car.

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I dont want to state the obvious but it is only worth what someone is willing to pay...

Your better off looking around on websites like autotrader and actually seeing what they are going for and compare. It sounds like a fair price to me.
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You can throw the book out the window when you are dealing with older cars and specialist cars. The trade books are really only accurate for late model cars and even then just for the volume models.

Once outside the mainstream, you have to go strictly by condition. Look the seller over really well. If they seem at all shady, they probably are amd you should run away. If they seem enthusiastic and honest, you could be on to a good thing.

Paying an extra £1,000 isnt a bad thing if the car is well maintained and has new tyres, clutch, brakes, exhaust etc. which you might have to replace on a cheaper car. Have a good look through the receipts.

Okay, fair comments. The two cars that I have found have both been on Autotrader and are both "overpriced" compared to Parkers.

Any other comments on this anyone? Off to see this car in 2 hours so need as much info as possible!


Edd is absolutely right, even more so with Williams, forget about Parkers Guides, if its good nick, and has been well cared for £6000 isnt really overproced for a Clio Williams.. IMHO



Mate, I was going to sell my Willy 2 to a guy just a little while ago for £6800. He had looked around everywhere and although the milage on mine is just below average he was well chuffed with the condition of it mechanically and cosmetically compared to tohers he had seen. He bid me down from the 7k I had it up for to 6.8k. It was just the final run in my beloved Willy2 that made me fone the guy and cancel the deal.

6k, a bargain, parkers ....really, who are they to tell anyone what to sell/buy a car for ?. If you love it, buy it, simple.
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Parkers are just a guide for dealers (or is that Glass guide) - Load of bollox if you ask me when your buying specialist cars - If you want the car, like the car, and are happy with the price, go for it - id pay 6K for a mint williams - sh1t - theres a williams 3 for sale in my area with a supposed 22k - offers over £9k only!

Could buy a mint Impreza for that, but which would you want?

Just about everything in Parkers guide is undervalued by a grand!!! Id like to see them find an "A1" condition Williams for £4900 around here... I dont know where they do their research, but its certainly nowhere near my part of the country!

Matt - go have a look at it. Its in a garage on Chatsworth Road in Chesterfield. Arent you from somewhere round there?

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rhys, did you say sat? if so it will have to be v early cos im off workin away at dinner time, driving down to brighton!!! fukin long way, not lookng forward to it

Rhys - Im in Nottingham during the week, but I might pop down and have a look over the weekend (Im a short walk from Chatsworth Road!) - providing you havent bought it and driven off in it already!:)

Hope its a goodun mate - Im sure Craggy can tell you that though...;)

Craggy - should be okay. Ill call him tomorrow.

matt - Its in Bay Tree Motors. Wont be buying on Sat. - just testing.