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parrot and speakers

  clio mk 2 5 door
ive got myself a sub and speakers that i am wiring through an amp. i have a handsfree bluetooth parot at the moment in my original headunit. will i need to rewire my parot or not?
really do not have a clue. any help would be great
  clio mk 2 5 door
i dont think i can leave the original head unit in as it doesnt have the right connection for the amp so would need to get an aftermarket one
  A.N. Other
Have you already bought the amp?
Go on Parrot's website and download the user manual for the one you've got, i'm fairly certain it has diagrams in it for different wiring options when using an amp.

Basically though, you'll be re-wiring quite a lot, yes! You can only send the music from the Parrot through the amp for the main (door) speakers if you use speaker-level inputs into the amp.
  clio mk 2 5 door
ive got a parrot mki92000 i have just brought an amp. if i got the line output connector surly i wouldnt have to rewire it as i would have the standard head unit?
more bloody trouble than its worth to be honest but shall push on
cheers for the advice btw
no you wouldnt have to rewire it but you would need to make sure you fitted the LOC after the parrot or it wont be coverted down. Will sound poor through your sub though as the parrot doesnt cover the full frequency. IIRC 60Hz is the lowest frequency it reproduces which isnt low enough.
  clio mk 2 5 door
I have the standard head unit in there at the moment. Think the aftermarket ones don't suit that's why I was thinking of getting the output connector