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PBS - how much left on pads

  Z4x2 & buying a 182
Hi all

I have my first Bedford track day coming up on the 17th, I've had PBS pads on my car for 2 track days and they have been great.

I've also been using my car on the road more than expected

I need to check the pads to see how much left but I'm a bit of a note when it comes to this sort of thing. What is the best way of working out if they've got enough left in them for another track day?

I have e a set of carbon lorraine pads I have not used yet but don't want to fit them till I need to.

Thanks for the help


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
You'll want at least 5mm on them.

When they get down to 2-3mm they're done. They just don't work as good, can't take the heat in my experience.